At the turn of the century Bozo Vodanovich emigrated from Croatia to New Orleans.  He was only 18 years old.  An oyster fisherman by trade, Bozo soon owned his own fleet of boats for harvesting oysters in Plaquemine Parish, south of New Orleans.

In 1928 he and his wife Marie opened Bozo’s Restaurant on Saint Ann Street just off Broad Street in New Orleans’ Mid-City area.  Before long oyster bars all over the Crescent City were supplied with the best oysters from the family-owned beds.

Bozo’s Restaurant became a popular draw for national celebrities, politicians, professional athletes and many local personalities who wanted the best local seafood cooked the New Orleans’ way.  Pop Fountain, father of the world famous jazz clarinetist Pete Fountain, shucked oysters at the original restaurant for many years in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s.

In 1979 Chris, the founder’s son, his wife Bernie, and his two sisters, Vitza and Mary Ann, moved the restaurant from its St. Ann Street origins to its current location in Metairie.  The family’s been cooking up the same traditional seafood recipes for 81 years.

And today Bozo’s is still family-run.  Susan and Mark took over in 2008, keeping alive the family tradition of serving the city’s best raw oysters along with the best fried and boiled seafood.  Bozo’s proudly serves only Louisiana seafood, freshly caught.

So relax in our casual atmosphere, enjoy the traditional simple flavors of New Orleans, and discover how Bozo’s Restaurant has been…

Serving the Best Since 1928 

bozo’s restauranT - A Local tradition